Ankle Med kits!

So I have this idea about doing a Side By Side comparison of various ankle Medical carriers. I have reached out to just about every maker of them I could find and sent a request to do an evaluation of their product. We shall see who responds!

Currently I carry my EDC med gear in the cargo pocket of my TruSpec pants. I use a zipper pouch I got from Amazon to keep things together.

My EDC med “KIT”

While this is not the most comprehensive med kit, for EDC I think it is ok. I do keep a pretty well stocked AID bag in my vehicle since I live in a pretty rural area of Eastern NC. The closest Hospital is a 30+ minute drive away. While we do have an adequate 24hr clinic with a helipad I prefer to err on the side of caution.

I began carrying a Gen 5 (Now a 7) Cat tourniquet some years ago when I saw how careless my coworker is with a chainsaw. Dude makes me nervous for sure! Just two years ago we had a farmer in my local area get a pretty bad cut from a chainsaw. I recall the story of my uncle getting tagged with one almost 20 years ago while clearing a canal bank on a remote farm. The guy helping him at the time panicked and got the truck stuck in the soft soil and they had to use a tractor to get to the main road. While my uncle was fine after a bunch of stitches and some time to heal it could have been much worse! If I recall correctly all they had was a roll of paper towels to stem the bleeding.

In recent history there was a farmer in Nebraska that amputated his lowe leg to escape an auger. Local to me a young man got caught in an auger not too long ago. In both these cases they had to improvise a tourniquet. Both are lucky to be alive!

It is stories like these that justify the carrying of medical supplies every day! I hope to never need them but as the saying goes “It is better to have and not need than to need and not have!”.

I hope to get some good responses to my request so that I can provide a valuable and informative evaluation of the different Medical Ankle carriers that are out there!

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Ankle Med kits!

    1. I have gotten a couple companies to commit so far and the first one should be arriving anytime. I am also in talks with two more companies about terms of the T&E. Should be good!

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  1. You already know my vote on this one brother. Haha.
    But I’m also interested in seeing your results. Mine is starting to show wear and I’m debating if I should send it in or just buy another to replace it.
    Some kit has a shelf life and will need to be replaced and I think some people don’t understand that.

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    1. Yea brother I know which one you would choose… unfortunately they haven’t responded to my request…. Got 3 so far! DARKANGEL, Tac-Buddy, Rescue Essentials. I have 3 that have said they will send one but so far I haven’t heard if they shipped one or not.

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