Feminine hygiene products are not medical products!

I was listening to a podcast today by a highly respected man in his field. He is prevalent in the prepping circles and very knowledgeable about his area of expertise. I have met him and listened to his very well done lecture/ presentation. Today he mentioned something which may have been in jest, but didn’t seem so, about using maxi pads for wound dressings. My hackles went up on the mear mention if this fallacy!!!

Please say it out loud “Feminine hygiene products are not medical products!!!” Holler it from the highest places!!! Below is a very well done video by some unknown source that does an outstanding job illustrating and dispelling this prepper myth.

Please share this video FAR and WIDE!!!

Here is a video by a Skinny Medic covering this information also! Watch and learn!!!

I am not a medical expert in any way and at one time I believed this myth. It seemed odd to me so I sought out DOPE on this and found it to be some very BAD information. Please get medical training and get propper medical supplies! It really isn’t that expensive.

Get trained and get equipped for whatever the future brings!

Here are some good resources for medical supplies:

Rescue Essentials

Medical Outfitters (Skinny Medic)

Darkangel Medical

North American Rescue

Archangel Dynamics

These are just a few of my goto places to get medical supplies and if you look they are not that expensive. Just be mindful of where you get your supplies because there are many fake CAT tourniquets out there!!! BE AWARE!! If it seems too good a price it probably is!

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  1. encpreparedness

    Excellent information!

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      Thank you!

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