The DOPE Farm Podcast #8

George Washington’s Rule #6!

Sleep not when others Speak, Sit not when others Stand, Speak not when you should hold your peace, walk not when others stop.

Weed of the WEEK!

American Beauty Berry

Eat the Weeds: Beautyberry: Jelly on a Roll

Mother Earth News: Natural Insect Repellent: Beautyberry Banishes Bad Biting Bugs

Survival Caches

Suvivorpedia: Prepping Step By Step: Survival Caching

Survival Blog: The Get-Home Cache, by The Feral Farmer

Gear Whores Gear Closet

The Dark Angle Medical Ankle Trauma Kit

SOFT-T Wide Buckle

The DOPE Farm Podcast #7

Weed of the Week

Poison Ivy: While not an edible plant it is important to know and be aware of this plant. Others you may also need to be aware of are Poison Oak and Poison Sumac. They all look different but contain the same irritant called urushiol which is what causes the rash associated with these plants.

Get familiar with these plants!!!

Facts About Poison Ivy The Engledow Group

Great video on Poison Ivy


Building on episode #6 I a going to discuss WATER! This is probably one of the most important subjects a Preparedness minded individual can learn. I am sure there are those that will debate me on this but this is my opinion. The ability to obtain, purify and store Potable water is as important as any other thing you can learn. Only second to shelter WATER it of the utmost importance!!

Ways to acquire water:

  • Catchment systems or Cisterns
  • Rivers, Creeks, Steams
  • Lakes, Ponds
  • Wells drilled and hand dug

Water purification.

Modern Survival Blog Bleach

American Prepper Network : What you need to know about water purification tablets.

5 myths about Water Storage by Emergency Essentials

Self Reliance Outfitters. Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit.


Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Holster

As part of my T&E of various medical ankle holsters I am going to post week to week what I am using and what my impressions are. This is not the end all be all as I plan to do a comprehensive list once the evaluation is complete.

The Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Holster is a well built piece of kit. I work it everyday for a week and was very pleased with the comfort and stability. Because of its design I believe it allowed the pant leg to ride over it smoothly.

I was able to pack in a SOFT-T wide Gen3, Hyfin Chest seal, H&H Mini Compression bandage, and a Quick Clot bleeding control gauze. Additional I added 3 sets of Nitrile Gloves.

I would have no problem carrying this Ankle Holster every day with no issues. I would probably still be carrying it if I did’t have several others to test. It was/is very comfortable and you hardly know its there.

I will add much more detail and pics in the coming days.

The DOPE Farm Podcast #6

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Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation. Rule 4:

In the Presence of Others Sing not to yourself with a humming Noise, nor Drum with your Fingers or Feet.

Weed of the Week: Elderberry

Elderberry article at Eat the Weeds

Elderberry On WebMD

Main Topic: Hurricane Preparedness

What is a Hurricane? NOAA’s National Ocean Service

Ready .GOV: Hurricanes

Flood mapping: FEMA Flood Smart

Some thoughts on general Hurricane preparedness:

  • Know your area! If you live in a flood prone area you should be aware. Check out the flood smart link above especially if you are new to an area. Ask your neighbors if flooding has been an issue in the past.
  • What kind of structure do you live in? House, Trailer, Apartment. Know if it will stand up to the force of a hurricane!
  • Know your evacuation routes and possible shelters in your area. If you must leave.
  • Have a couple weeks of non-perishable foods and as much water as you can possibly store! Water is almost more important than food. You can only live 3 days without water. The general rule of thumb is 1 gallon of water per person per day. That is just for drinking and food prep not cleaning or hygiene!!! You must have water!!
  • Have the means to prepare your food. You will need something to cook on such as a propane stove or grill with a burner. A Coleman stove would be a great addition! It can use small propane cylinders or you can get an adapter to use larger tanks. You can also use this to purify water of questionable purity.
  • If possible have a Generator. They can be invaluable to keep refrigerators and freezers from thawing out.
  • Have plenty of batteries. A USB charger is great to have every day! I like the ANKER brand on Amazon. I have had more than a few and they work great! Also have various AA, AAA, C, D batteries dependent on your needs for flashlights and such. DeWalt USB Adapter.

Gear Whores Gear Closet

Medical supplies! Have medical supplies. This may seem like a reoccurring theme on this page and on my podcast and well it is and will be! I believe that this is that important!!! I am about to embark on a T&E of several Ankle medical holsters or pouches or whatever you want to call them! I have four that I am pretty sure of on the way. At least two will be here Monday the 10 of 2019. As I stated in my previous post I submitted a request to a lot of makers and have gotten quite a good response. I look forward to getting started! It may take a couple months to get this done. I may do a weekly update on the various ones I get and do a compilation of them all at the end. For now get some supplies! Get a tourniquet and learn how to use it! Get some bandages and gauze to keep on you or in your vehicle! Get some training even if it is just a Red Cross CPR class or seek out a STOP THE BLEED class! It could save the life of someone you know!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255Available 24 hours everyday !!!!

Ankle Med kits!

So I have this idea about doing a Side By Side comparison of various ankle Medical carriers. I have reached out to just about every maker of them I could find and sent a request to do an evaluation of their product. We shall see who responds!

Currently I carry my EDC med gear in the cargo pocket of my TruSpec pants. I use a zipper pouch I got from Amazon to keep things together.

My EDC med “KIT”

While this is not the most comprehensive med kit, for EDC I think it is ok. I do keep a pretty well stocked AID bag in my vehicle since I live in a pretty rural area of Eastern NC. The closest Hospital is a 30+ minute drive away. While we do have an adequate 24hr clinic with a helipad I prefer to err on the side of caution.

I began carrying a Gen 5 (Now a 7) Cat tourniquet some years ago when I saw how careless my coworker is with a chainsaw. Dude makes me nervous for sure! Just two years ago we had a farmer in my local area get a pretty bad cut from a chainsaw. I recall the story of my uncle getting tagged with one almost 20 years ago while clearing a canal bank on a remote farm. The guy helping him at the time panicked and got the truck stuck in the soft soil and they had to use a tractor to get to the main road. While my uncle was fine after a bunch of stitches and some time to heal it could have been much worse! If I recall correctly all they had was a roll of paper towels to stem the bleeding.

In recent history there was a farmer in Nebraska that amputated his lowe leg to escape an auger. Local to me a young man got caught in an auger not too long ago. In both these cases they had to improvise a tourniquet. Both are lucky to be alive!

It is stories like these that justify the carrying of medical supplies every day! I hope to never need them but as the saying goes “It is better to have and not need than to need and not have!”.

I hope to get some good responses to my request so that I can provide a valuable and informative evaluation of the different Medical Ankle carriers that are out there!

Stay tuned!

The DOPE Farm #5 Discussion about the book “Survival Theory: A Preparedness Guide”

Download or Stream at Spreaker!

Rule #3 of George Washington’s “Rules Of Civility and Decent Behavior

Weed of the Week!

Cattails A Survival dinner! By Green Dean of EAT THE WEEDS.

Although I said I use the Peterson field guide, I actually use this one: Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide to Over 200 natural foods.

I found this one too and I will be adding it to my library: Peterson’s Field Guide Eastern/Central US

Main Topic:

Survival Theory: A preparedness Guide by Jonathan Hollerman

Available at Amazon

Gear Whores Gear Closet:

This episodes piece of Kit is the Yaesu 857D. This is a great all mode radio and well worth taking a look at for your communications needs!

Keeps rearing it ugly head!!!

Last night I was in a medical/stop the bleed webinar and in the chat someone asked about Feminine hygiene products for bleeding control.  Man this has got to stop… People in the prepardeness community have been lied to! I will post it again and again!!!

It was mentioned tha maxi pads could surfice but I want to see someone pack a wound with them! Curlex Gauze is not that expensive and probably easier to carry. If Tampons or Maxi pads are in your medical kit you are selling yourself short! I would rather see someone use a t-shirt or bed linens. With wound packing it’s about surface area and pressure. You have to pack the wound cavity as tightly as possible then hold pressure!

In a grid down, SHTF, or WORL a GSW is probably going to be fatal without extended care. Especially in the thoracic cavity. An extremity may not be but it will still be devastating!! Best bet is not to put yourself in a situation you may have to fight. I realize that may not always be possible so get training! Learn to fight! Learn your weapon system and Be Vigilant!!

As I have stated before I am not a medical expert in any way shoe form or fashion! I just want to see people in the prepardeness community thrive!

Be safe, get Dialed in!! GOD Bless you and GOD Bless America!!!