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  • SUN Oven! Cooking with the power of the Sun!

    I first heard about the Sun Oven on The Prepper Recon Podcast some years ago. Paul Munsen is the owner and operator of Sun Oven and below is from their “About” page: About Us Welcome to We are pleased you have chosen to spend some time with us. SUN OVENS International has a simple […]

  • Near Vertical Incidence Skywave- Simplified

    This is a great post by my friend Ncscout from the Brushbeater blog. NVIS will be critical in a grid down situation for regional Communications!! brushbeater I’ve brought this up enough times already; let’s de-mystify this beast. Communications fall into one of two categories: Line of Sight(LOS) and Beyond Line of Sight. LOS If you […]

  • Feminine hygiene products are not medical products!

    I was listening to a podcast today by a highly respected man in his field. He is prevalent in the prepping circles and very knowledgeable about his area of expertise. I have met him and listened to his very well done lecture/ presentation. Today he mentioned something which may have been in jest, but didn’t […]

  • CTX-10 Updates

    CTX-10 Updates

    brushbeater Both the readers here and the folks who’ve taken the RTO Course know I’m a big fan of the CTX-10. It’s small, self contained, backwards compatible with Yaesu interface equipment, and pushing 10 watts its very effective in a wide variety of modes (especially CW!). And its American made. But the great folks over […]

  • Got COMS?

    Are you ready for a world without Communications? A world where the Internet doesn’t exist? No Cell phones? No power? Go check out AMRRON and Radio Free Redoubt and see what they have to offer! There is a national exercise coming up in July! Are you READY? You can also get some great training for […]

  • Fox in the Hen House!

    So up until about 3 months ago I would leave the hen house open all the time. We never had any issues until something killed 4 of my mature laying hens! At first I thought is was a possum that I caught coming out of the chickens yard. I dispatched that guy and decided to […]

  • What is the D.O.P.E Farm?

    Well the best way to explain it is to first explain D.O.P.E.. It stands for Data On Previous Engagement. In the long range shooting context it means knowing most every aspect of you weapons system. You must know your bullet weight, bullet speed, and bullet coefficient to name a few. You must also know your […]