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    So it seems I have been neglecting this page for quite some time. Well 2020 was a hell of a year and frankly I got disgusted, discouraged and towards the end disheartened……… A lot has happened in the past months and weeks and our nation is in danger…. Free speech is under attack and anyone […]

  • DOPE Farm Podcast

    Gorge Washington’s Rule 25 Superfluous Complements and all Affectation of Ceremony are to be avoided, yet where due they are not to be Neglected. Wild Onion/Garlic Wild Onion and Wild Garlic COVID-19 info got to Prepper Net YouTube and watch!!! GREEN COFFEE Bunkers Beans Coffee Roast Guide @NCA Green Coffee Beans Long Term Storage | […]

  • GW rule #24, Watercress,

    George Washington’s Rule #24 Do not laugh too loud or too much at any Public Spectacle. Weed of the Week Water Cress From Government Revision of History Debunked By KrisAnn Hall This is a great article by KrisAnn Hall discussing the misinformation that is put out in our public schools. Many times what is […]

  • The DOPE Farm Podcast #15

    Corn season is here and that will probably cut into my podcasting time at least the preparation time. Podcasts may be shorter and lack some of the usual segments. George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent behavior. Rule # 13: Kill no Vermin as Fleas, lice ticks &c in the Sight of Others, if you […]

  • The DOPE Farm Podcast #14

    George Washington’s Rule #12 Shake not the head, Feet, or Legs roll not the Eyes lift not one eyebrow higher than the other wry not the mouth, and bedew no mans face with your Spittle, by approaching too near him when you Speak. Weed of The WEEK PurslanePower-Packed Purslane – Mother Earth News Main Topics […]

  • The DOPE Farm Podcast #13

    George Washington’s Rule 11 Shift not yourself in the Sight of others nor Gnaw your nails. Weed of the Week Kudzu quicky by Green Dean Main Topic More situational awareness! Stop the madness and quit blaming inanimate objects!! No RED FLAG LAWS!!!

  • The DOPE Farm Podcast #12

    George Washington’s Rule 10 When you Sit down, Keep your Feet firm and Even, without putting one on the other or Crossing them. T-Rex 2019 Main Topic For the main topic of this episode there are really no links to share. Mainly my thoughts on the environment we live in! Mass shootings and such. Be […]

  • The DOPE Farm Podcast #11

    George Washington’s Rule #9 Spit not in the Fire, nor Stoop low before it neither Put your Hands into the Flames to warm them, nor Set your Feet upon the Fire especially if there be meat before it. Weed of the Week! Sumac: More Than Just Native Lemonade Map Reading Map Reading and Land Navigation […]

  • The DOPE Farm Podcast #10

    George Washington’s Rule #8 At Play and at Fire its Good manners to Give Place to the last Commer, and affect not to Speak Louder than Ordinary. Weed of the WEEK! Arrowhead, Duck Potato, Wapato : About Sagittaria Latifolia Wapato Chips FOOD Storage! LDS Preparedness Manual The Only 15 Rules for […]

  • The DOPE Farm podcast #9

    George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior #7 Put off not your Clothes in the presence of Others, Nor go out your chambers half dressed. Weed of the Week! Yaupon Holly (Ilex Vomitoria) NC State extension Ilex vomitoria Wild Edibles Yaupon Holly (Ilex Vomitoria) Eat the Weeds Yaupon Holly, Ilex vomitoria Franklin Horton’s “Compound […]