The DOPE Farm Podcast #7

Weed of the Week

Poison Ivy: While not an edible plant it is important to know and be aware of this plant. Others you may also need to be aware of are Poison Oak and Poison Sumac. They all look different but contain the same irritant called urushiol which is what causes the rash associated with these plants.

Get familiar with these plants!!!

Facts About Poison Ivy The Engledow Group

Great video on Poison Ivy


Building on episode #6 I a going to discuss WATER! This is probably one of the most important subjects a Preparedness minded individual can learn. I am sure there are those that will debate me on this but this is my opinion. The ability to obtain, purify and store Potable water is as important as any other thing you can learn. Only second to shelter WATER it of the utmost importance!!

Ways to acquire water:

  • Catchment systems or Cisterns
  • Rivers, Creeks, Steams
  • Lakes, Ponds
  • Wells drilled and hand dug

Water purification.

Modern Survival Blog Bleach

American Prepper Network : What you need to know about water purification tablets.

5 myths about Water Storage by Emergency Essentials

Self Reliance Outfitters. Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit.


Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Holster

As part of my T&E of various medical ankle holsters I am going to post week to week what I am using and what my impressions are. This is not the end all be all as I plan to do a comprehensive list once the evaluation is complete.

The Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Holster is a well built piece of kit. I work it everyday for a week and was very pleased with the comfort and stability. Because of its design I believe it allowed the pant leg to ride over it smoothly.

I was able to pack in a SOFT-T wide Gen3, Hyfin Chest seal, H&H Mini Compression bandage, and a Quick Clot bleeding control gauze. Additional I added 3 sets of Nitrile Gloves.

I would have no problem carrying this Ankle Holster every day with no issues. I would probably still be carrying it if I did’t have several others to test. It was/is very comfortable and you hardly know its there.

I will add much more detail and pics in the coming days.

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