Keeps rearing it ugly head!!!

Last night I was in a medical/stop the bleed webinar and in the chat someone asked about Feminine hygiene products for bleeding control.  Man this has got to stop… People in the prepardeness community have been lied to! I will post it again and again!!!

It was mentioned tha maxi pads could surfice but I want to see someone pack a wound with them! Curlex Gauze is not that expensive and probably easier to carry. If Tampons or Maxi pads are in your medical kit you are selling yourself short! I would rather see someone use a t-shirt or bed linens. With wound packing it’s about surface area and pressure. You have to pack the wound cavity as tightly as possible then hold pressure!

In a grid down, SHTF, or WORL a GSW is probably going to be fatal without extended care. Especially in the thoracic cavity. An extremity may not be but it will still be devastating!! Best bet is not to put yourself in a situation you may have to fight. I realize that may not always be possible so get training! Learn to fight! Learn your weapon system and Be Vigilant!!

As I have stated before I am not a medical expert in any way shoe form or fashion! I just want to see people in the prepardeness community thrive!

Be safe, get Dialed in!! GOD Bless you and GOD Bless America!!!

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