What is the D.O.P.E Farm?

Well the best way to explain it is to first explain D.O.P.E.. It stands for Data On Previous Engagement. In the long range shooting context it means knowing most every aspect of you weapons system. You must know your bullet weight, bullet speed, and bullet coefficient to name a few. You must also know your environmental data but I am not here to teach long range shooting. For that seek out and read Ryan Cleckner’s book “Long Range Shooting Handbook“. It is a valuable tool!!!

My idea for this podcast is to apply the DOPE mnemonic to everyday life. As we go through life we are constantly learning, we do until the day we die. So applying DOPE to everyday life makes sense but we are not putting it in log book (unless you keep a journal which I don’t). Although I do not plan on discussing a myriad of topics my main goal is to pass on and link to preparedness minded information. This will range from books to websites. I hope you will come on this journey with me because you are what will make it all worth it!

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